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use dynlist for company name? A question of practical use of dynlist


I am setting up a business directory of contact persons and companies. I
have this structure in mind:


    o=company name 1, ou=companies,dc=demo
    o=company name 2, ou=companies,dc=demo



        cn: John Brown
        o: company name 1


        cn: Jason Brown
        o: company name 2


My problem: the system is multi-lingual, means each company can have
multiple company names, and most of them do, because we are in a
cross-culture location where each company must have two names. Thus
maintaining correspondence between person's "o" value is a lot of work.
The other trouble: If a company updates its name, all person records
should update too.

My idea to solve this problem is to use dynlist, that is for each person
the organization he works in is a dynamic list which returns the o
attribute value of the company by referring to the company with URI.

Before I actually implement in this way I'd like to ask the list for
wisdom. I 'invented' this solution by just looking at the manual of
dynlist and not being aware if it brings some down-side (e.g. is the
attribute that implements dynlist searchable? a.k.a. can I still search
for Jason in "company name 2" with a single filter?) Anyway, do you
think this solution works & is practical?