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does slapadd create a corrupt ldap-database?

hi every

upgrading to fedora 9, which comes with penldap-servers-2.4.8-3.fc9.i386 using sleepycat as backend db.

from the last backup i took the slapcat of the ldap database for new creation on the fedora 9 server.

./slapadd -c -l slapcat.file.ldif

/etc/init.d/ldap start

first connections to the ldap-server were successful, searches also.

then, i locally used the ldap-server for pam-ldap by changing the server uri in /etc/ldap.conf accordingly.

and as far as pam-ladp is concerned, nothing worked as expected.

it took me 6 hours to find out that the index in the ldap database for the attribute uidNumber had not been created.

i stopped slapd

./slapindex -c

i restarted slapd.

now, pam-ldap works as expected.