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Re: Use wildcard on ipHostNumber and gidNumber attribute

Thibaut VdK wrote:
I'm using OpenLDAP 2.3.3 (debian etch package).

Assuming this isn't a typo, 2.3.3 is an old release and early in the 2.3 branch. Upgrading to 2.3.42 would be a good idea.

I know that I can't use a wildcard on a ipHostNumber attribut because it don't have SUBSTR MatchingRules. So i try to change my nis.scema like this :

It is not advisable to change standard schema. You may want to use a different or custom attribute instead of changing an accepted one.

But, the seach always return any results.

The first thing to ask: did you re-index or re-load the data after changing the schema? If not, your search will not work. See the slapindex command.

If that definitely is not the problem, then for debugging it is better to include at a minimum the actual search command, the resulting output, an LDIF representation of the data you should find, and information from your slapd configuration.

(Sorry for my english)

Seems fine, actually.

Jon Roberts