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Re: OpenLDAP as proxy for another LDAP-Server [Virus checked]


ems@sparkassen-informatik.de writes:

> Hello,
> in the mailing list's archive is a lot of stuff about OpenLDAP as proxy for
> another LDAP-Server using the ldap/meta backend, but I didn't find an answere
> of my question (it's possible that I don't see the wood for the trees).
> I've the following problem:
> Our OpenLDAP get's an request which contained a User-ID and Password from a
> LDAP-Client. Our OpenLDAP propagate the authentification (User-ID, Password)
> of the request to another LDAP-Server using the ldap/meta backend. If the
> authentification is o.k. our OpenLDAP contributes the reamining attributes
> (tel. number, surname etc.) and gives they back to the requester.
> I need as a response of a request an interaction of two LDAP-Server. From the
> other LDAP-Server the authentification and if successfull from our LDAP-Server
> the attributes.
> Is there a fair chance to get a solution using the ldap/meta backend.

Just to make sure, there are two directories, one that provides
information on authentication and authorization, the second directory
provides some additional iformation. If that is your request, than you
may have a look at the translucent overlay.


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung