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Re: searching for attributes containing eg. german umlauts

Hello Christian,

maybe you could use slapo_rwm to rewrite Mueller to Müller. The rewrite rule could look like this (very much like the add/eat blanks examples):

rwm-rewriteRule	   "(.*)ae(.*)" "$1ä$2"

The same should be possible for ö ü and ß. I'm not shure if this will work, as it is an idea, rather than an solution. I'm not able to test it at the moment so you will have to try yourself.



Christian Marg wrote:
Hello all,

I'm not quite sure if my mind plays a trick on me, but was there a way to save eg. (for readability I'll use HTML-Entities, of course it should and will be UTF-8 in LDIF)

dn: ...
cn: Müller

and find it with the filter



Or do I have to save all permutations of "Ascii-replacement"/"UTF-8" for each and every entry/attribute? (that seems rather cumbersome and rises the question: which attribute value is the "correct" one?)

If this already is written in the FAQ, please excuse my shallow "googleing". Perhaps I just missed the right keywords.