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Re: searching for attributes containing eg. german umlauts

Christian Marg writes:
> I'm not quite sure if my mind plays a trick on me, but was there a way
> to save eg. (for readability I'll use HTML-Entities, of course it should
> and will be UTF-8 in LDIF)
> dn: ...
> cn: Müller
> and find it with the filter
> (cn=Mueller)
> ?

None that I remeber.

> Or do I have to save all permutations of "Ascii-replacement"/"UTF-8" for
> each and every entry/attribute?

For each attribute value, anyway.  But you can at least use access
controls so that the variants stay "invisible".  E.g. use the x-hidden
option example in slapd.conf, and store

cn: Müller (un-HTMLified)
cn;x-hidden: Muller
cn;x-hidden: Mueller