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openldap linking attributes support

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if openldap can support the following.

Currently I have a ldap directory with several branches.

----ou=Samba accounts
----ou=Website accounts
----ou=VPN accounts
----ou=Email accounts

and so on.
Every object has a userPassword field which means that if a user changes his password under one of the systems (eg. websites), the password will not change on the others. Ultimately I would like to syncronise all the passwords between all the systems.

Is there anyway of adding a new  ou=passwords. Within the ou passwords I will have a simple-security-object which will contain the username+password.

Is there anyway I can link the attribute userPassword attribute within samba schema, emailaccounts schema so on to the simple security object that resides in the ou=password.

Does Openldap support this?

Andy Z