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Re: slapd segfault with error 4

--On Friday, May 02, 2008 2:53 PM +0200 Patrice <gopat@nicematin.fr> wrote:


I have some little troubles with my slapd.
version: slapd 2.3.38  (compiled from sources)
server: Suse Enterprise v9 x86_64

I add 2 segfault of this kind:             kernel: slapd[28934]: segfault
at 000000000000001a rip 0000000000471edf rsp 0000000040e7fbe0 error 4
(see log below)

So throw it under gdb and then let it run, and see what trips the segfault.

I will note that 2.3.38 is a bit old at this point.



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