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Re: Add attribute with static value to search results

Andy Cobaugh wrote:
Is it possible to somehow add a statically defined attribute to all search
results. For example, if I wanted to add "authAuthority: ;Kerberosv5;;" to
all entries with "(objectClass=posixAccount)". I've looked at slapo-rwm,
and its rwm-map directive, but that only seems to map one attribute to
another. I'm thinking there must be a way to do this, or perhaps it would
be simple enough add this functionality to slapo-rwm.

It seems like this is something that could be fairly useful, so perhaps
this should be considered a feature request.

Note: I don't control the upstream ldap server in my organization (I'm
using a local proxying server with the translucent overlay). I could add
this attribute to every entry in the upstream server, but that's several
tens of thousands of entries that I would need to locally modify.

If all of your posixAccount entries reside in a single subtree, you could use the collect overlay for this purpose.

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