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Re: DSML and SPML functionality in javaldap

Rastogi Arpit wrote:
I want to know how javaldap SPML and DSML functionality are used .
Incase if they are not used we can move away from them in the next release .Want to know your opinion .

I use com.novell.ldap.util.DSMLWriter to express entries as DSML (v1). I don't see an argument to deprecate that class unless the functionality is replaced; it seems more natural to collect implementations of interfaces LDAPWriter and LDAPReader rather than discard functional ones.

Otherwise that's it. I never had an interest in SPML.

Any suggestions and ideas to move the product ahead are welcome .

The most squirrelly bugs I recall had to do with the connection pool class. I find connection pools to be of great utility, and think the package would benefit from a robust class here. The Novell implementation is more sophisticated than the Netscape/Sun/Mozilla strain. That's a good thing so long as it's still thoroughly reliable.

Jon Roberts