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Re: BDB error while starting openldap.

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Sumith Narayanan wrote:
I am getting the below error while starting openLDAP.

bdb_db_open: alock package is unstable
However, if I am using sudo access, I get no error and could
successfully start the server and search the DB.

The files in the openldap database directory should be owned by the user that slapd will be run as. For example, if you run slapd as root with
"-u slapd" then the files and directory should be owned by user "slapd".

(Programs that access the database directly (e.g., slapcat, db_stat) should be run as that same user so that they don't create files such as txn logs with the wrong ownership. If slapd is running and you run db_stat as root and it creates a txn log file as root, then slapd will panic and will refuse to (re)start until you fix the ownership. I've seen that happen on a completely different project using BDB.)

So, what arguments are you invoking slapd with and what are the permissions and ownerships of the database directory and the files inside it?

Philip Guenther