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Re: error while adding entry using ldap.jar JAVA API

Brandon McCombs wrote:
Aaron Richton wrote:
The database which I am trying to update is 24GB in size,  OpenLDAP
we've definitely had quite a few database fixes since then. Update
your server to the latest release as seen on www.openldap.org and try

Is it just me or do people on this list never support problems related
to anything but the latest release? Not everyone can immediately upgrade
to the latest release to fix any issues they have, and they shouldn't
have to either. Previous versions (to an extent) should be supported
just like any other product.

It's just you.

The fact that we do point releases is exactly how previous versions get supported. When a bug is found in e.g. 2.3.27 and the fix is released in 2.3.28, then if you want the fix you have to install 2.3.28.

How exactly do you expect people to receive fixes, if not by installing them when they are available?
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