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Re: Problem with back-ldap and slapo-rwn


Howard Chu wrote:
Why not just patch the 2.2 server to include authzTo as an alias of the saslAuthzTo attribute?

The issue here is that the 2.2 server is a legagy, but productive legacy. The reason for that proxy construct is to make sure that new systems can point to the new 2.4 server with better security, different SASL stuff, etc., then we plan to move the physical data from back-ldap to back-bdb.

So when you say "patch the 2.2 server", would be have to patch the code, i.e. compile the whole thing from scratch? I think given the above, this isn't really an option. Or would there be any other way (in 2.2) to make the authzTo attribute an alias of saslAuthzTo?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> I was rather interested in seeing the alleged crash of the 2.4 server.

I can produce that crashdump for you independent of a solution to our problem. And I am 99% sure that the crash in the 2.4 server will stay even after solving our problem.