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Re: Master-Master replication mode

<quote who="Padmavathi Dt">
> Hii List,
> I have already posted a doubt regarding the posiibility of setting up a
> Master-Master replication mode setup in openLDAP.(sub:Is Master-Master
> architecture available in openldap?)
> Please refer the following link:
> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/199905/msg00029.html

For goodness sake, that is from 1999.

> According to the above,there is a possibility of setting up
> Master-Master(Multi-Master) mode.He has also provided some patch to be
> applied for slapd.

Have you spent anytime reading our docs or annoucements, doesn't look like


> Whether this patch can be applied to any slapd(irrespective of versions?)
> But I would like to know which versions of slapd can support the
> Multi-Master mode????

Please don't post stupid questions without taking any time to read things.

> Please clarify these things as soon as possible ................
> I am waiting for an answer........

Don't make demands either. You're lucky I or anyone replied.