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Re: AW: best way to export a whole ldap directory

Kick, Claus wrote:

Try something like (depends a bit on your OS): ldapsearch -b 'your base dn' -D 'your user ' -w 'password' cn=* > somefile.txt

One should rather use "*" "+" as 'attributes' to also get operational attributes (if needed). And the filter above does not catch entries which does not have a attribute 'cn' at all.

So this would be a better example (in one line):

ldapsearch -x -b <search-base> -D <bind-DN> -w <password> "(objectClass=*)" "*" "+"

Note that the entity specified by the bind-DN should have full read access to the whole content. The server's rootdn has full access circumventing all ACLs.

Ciao, Michael.