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Re: Embedding Other LDAP Server in OpenLDAP for User Authentification [Virus checked]

ems@sparkassen-informatik.de wrote:

I've a tricky problem to solve. We are working with OpenLDAP 2.2.30.

You should definitely upgrade your OpenLDAP installation since status of 2.2.x is historic. Which means there are no (security) updates anymore. Nada!

The authentification-request which our LDAP gets should first forwarded to an other LDAP server (primary LDAP). Just if the authentification failed on the primary LDAP server our LDAP should try to authentificate by himself.

This can be achieved with back-meta/back-ldap. Depending on your name space (uid, DNs) and the search behaviour of your LDAP clients the setup is simple or a little bit more tricky. Again: For this to be successful you should deploy a recent version of OpenLDAP since there has been many changes and fixes also to back-ldap/back-meta/slapo-rwm.

Ciao, Michael.