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Re: smbk5pwd and ppolicy working together

> I'm not even sure this is the path I ought to be going down.  If
> smbk5pwd has no knowledge of ppolicy, and password changes from Windows
> clients won't adhere to those restrictions with any combination of
> configuration options in any currently known universe, perhaps what I
> really need is an alternate strategy.  I'm open to suggestion; my only
> requirements are that password changes from a Windows workstation be
> subjected to the ppolicy constraints, and that the LDAP and Samba
> passwords all be in sync.
> rootdn          "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com"
> rootpw          {SSHA}tFEA391Y3ZLHXkQDDk6f0t1ZkJEuMwIj

Are you still using the rootdn as the Samba bind DN?  If so, don't.

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