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Re: Weird behavior

Well, "slapd -d" and/or gdb should show you where it's hanging, which would be Very Useful Information.

We've found that CentOS 5 really, really, REALLY likes:

The bind_policy soft option forbids nss_ldap from retrying failed LDAP queries. If the default bind policy is used, LDAP will retry a query several times when the LDAP server is not present. This can cause a pause of several seconds during routine operations.

Maybe you can try that. I can document the "pause of several seconds" extending for hours. No, this should not be the case. No, this isn't the case on my Solaris boxes.

On Tue, 1 Apr 2008, Rick Stevens wrote:

Hi.  I've got a weird one for you.

System: CentOS 5, kernel 2.6.18-53.1.4 64-bit
OpenLDAP: openldap-2.3.27 from RPM (openldap-servers-2.3.27-8.el5_1.3)

I'm using OpenLDAP for authentication via pam_ldap and this is going
to be the secondary server (if I can ever get replication to work).

However, that's not the issue right now.  This machine won't start LDAP
unless I remove the "ldap" part from the "group" line of

Won't start:
	group:      files ldap

Will start:
	group:      files

There are no log messages indicating a problem.  slapd simply won't
start.  Has anyone ever heard of such a screwup and if so, any ideas
as to what the fark is going on?
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