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Re: Checking the database.....

Define "which database"? I mean, "lsof" is good...

BDB library version? Start up a slapd that's configured with a bdb/hdb backend with -d trace.

What backends you're using? Search under cn=config.

As for using vendor supplied packages...generically, and this is much bigger than OpenLDAP:

You should only use vendor supplied products if you are confident that the vendor supplies products intending the use case that you envision. Attempting to use products outside of their intended deployment, quite often, results in significant amounts of pain for both vendor and customer.

As a specific example, Red Hat's RHEL product does NOT intend the use case of an OpenLDAP server, so that would be a bad match without additional suppliers (either rolled yourself or through a commercial offering such as Symas).

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Padmavathi Dt wrote:

Can anyone please tell me how to check which database is being used by our
openLDAP?Please di
Also please advice me whether we can use the openldap packages that come
along with O.S.
Because I have seen people advicing not to use openLDAP RPms that come
with O.S

Waiting for help.....