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Re: Real alternatives to BDB?

andylockran wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
4.2.52 (with documented patches) has never failed for me. 4.3 was known to
blow up in many situations. 4.6.21 looks pretty good, there's no reported
problems with it. BDB 4.7 is in the works already. On my last test, 4.7.13
SEGV'd in its deadlock detector, so yeah, I guess their release record is
of spotty. But that's also the nature of newer software; as 4.7 is still
in its release cycle I expect it will improve just as the others did.

Howard Chu wrote:
4.2.52 (with documented patches) has never failed for me.

Apologies for reviving a dead thread - but I've had a couple of occasions this year when I've had to restore the bdb backend using db_recover.

I notice I'm using the version of bdb mentioned on this thread.. but am ignorant to the patches.   I installed Buchan Milne's repo in order to get a stable openldap on RHEL4 - but my bdb version is still stuck in 2003.

What is the best advised route to upgrading - is there another repo with bdb in it, or should I compile bdb manually - then link to it later?

I'm currently manually building more modern BDB variants, as I wasn't able to find a repo with a more updated BDB for CentOS 4.5. Admittedly, I haven't really looked, so I can't say they're not out there.

Building OpenLDAP against a custom BDB isn't overly difficult, the majority being remembering to set the library envars, as ./configure doesn't take a parameter for BDB paths.

Aurynn Shaw

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