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Re: order of rewrite context processing

2008-03-18_09:18:21-0400 Ron Peterson <rpeterso@MtHolyoke.edu>:
> 2008-03-17_16:40:26-0400 Ron Peterson <rpeterso@MtHolyoke.edu>:
> > I'm trying to select a backend (ldap proxy) according to the the content
> > of a search filter.  I've configured something like this prior to any
> > backend definitions:
> > ...
> If I use the 'default' context, this seems to work the way I want.  I'd
> prefer being able to be more specific about exactly what I want in each
> context, but I think this will do.

No, I was mistaken; this still doesn't work.  My tests were falling
through to my default dn, which made them appear to work.

So my question remains: is there a way to process global rewrite rules
for the searchFilter context prior to evaluating the searchDN context?


Ron Peterson
Network & Systems Manager
Mount Holyoke College