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slurpd does not sync master and slave

i have a problem running slurp.
there're tw ldap servers master (which has already DB) and slave (with empty DB).
i'm running slurp: /path/to/slurd -d 1
and it terminates immidiately with:
> Config: ** configuration file successfully read and parsed
> Processing in one-shot mode:
> 0 total replication records in file,
> 0 replication records to process.
> begin replication thread for
> end replication thread for
> slurpd: terminated.
slave DB remains empty.
my master's slapd.conf contains:
> database bdb
> suffix "dc=domain"
> rootdn "cn=admin,dc=domain"
> rootpw {SSHA}plaplapla
> replica host= binddn="cn=admin,dc=domain" bindmethod=simple credentials=PlaPlaPla
> replogfile /usr/var/openldap-slurp/rep.log
> directory /var/lib/ldap/
slave is identical except:
> database bdb
> suffix "dc=domain"
> rootdn "cn=admin,dc=domain"
> rootpw  {SSHA}plaplapla
> updatedn "cn=admin,dc=domain"
> directory /var/lib/ldap/
both slapd (on master and slave) are running as root priveleges
master's version is 2.3.25 (slackware) and slave's - 2.3.37(OpenSuse 10.3).
can anybody explain why it does not sync servers?
PS: slaptest: "config file testing succeeded" on both servers.

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