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syncrepl with filter question

Hello list,

I have noticed (as of 2.4.7) an interaction of searchAndPersist
syncrepl, search filters, and access rules that looks weird to me.
Before I call it a bug (and submit to ITS) I'd like to ask whether I'm
not just missing the point and everything is working as intended.

So here is the situation: We replicate just part of the provider data by
annotating the objects to replicate with an extra replication info
attribute. Access to that attribute is restricted. Now when an object is
change, we observe this: If the change is made by a user who has read
access to the replication info attribute then the change is replicated.
Otherwise it is not. It appears that the replication filter is evaluated
using the access rights of the user making the modification, not those
of the replication user.

If someone can tell me that this is not a problem because ... whatever
reason then I'm interested to know. Otherwise I'll pack up configs,
logs, etc. and file a bug report.

   Ralph Rößner

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