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Re: null_callbacks after initial sync

Nick Geron wrote:
We're now thinking some of our issues may be attributable to time
granularity issues.  We're seeing missing information on the consumer if
multiple successive writes are attempted via a script.  If we slow down
to human speed or insert sleeps in our test code, this gets a little
better.  I see that A.2.4 N-Way MultiMaster Replication notes that
entryCSNs now record with microseconds, but does this apply to mirrors
as well?

CSNs were extended to microsecond resolution only for the benefit of conflict resolution. For all other purposes, the changecount field ensures sufficient granularity.

Can I setup a two node N-Way?

"2" is certainly a valid value of "N".

Can anyone provide config
examples using slapd.conf syntax instead of the cn=config in the admin doc?

Also, though the Syncrepl Details section does provide what it says,
could anyone offer a high level overview of the synchonization process?
Something like a trace of operations from an initial modification on one
server through the propagation to consumers (server 1 gets write request
->  updates index ->  writes to session log, etc. etc.etc.).

Syncrepl doesn't write session logs. Read RFC4533.

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