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Re: null_callbacks after initial sync

Howard Chu wrote:
> Nick Geron wrote:
>> Chris,
>> If I add logbase and syncfilter,  I see the behavior where any serverID
>> other 1 (on either system) results in the looping mentioned previously,
>> when one server is down.  In that setup with both servers up, I still
>> see the null_callback issues.
>> At this point I'm pretty frayed.  I don't see how copying something
>> directly out of the admin doc would fail unless I've tickled a new bug.
>> Perhaps someone could suggest a known good, working config for me to
>> try?  I would prefer delta-syncrepl in a mirror, but I'd settle for just
>> syncrepl with a mirror at this point.
> Delta-syncrepl is not supported yet with mirror mode. Support may come
> in a later release.
Thanks for the info.  Someone might want to update the admin doc.  From
section - Mirror Mode Configuration - "This is the same as the
Set up the provider slapd section, reference delta-syncrepl replication
if using delta-syncrepl."

We're now thinking some of our issues may be attributable to time
granularity issues.  We're seeing missing information on the consumer if
multiple successive writes are attempted via a script.  If we slow down
to human speed or insert sleeps in our test code, this gets a little
better.  I see that A.2.4 N-Way MultiMaster Replication notes that
entryCSNs now record with microseconds, but does this apply to mirrors
as well?  Can I setup a two node N-Way?  Can anyone provide config
examples using slapd.conf syntax instead of the cn=config in the admin doc?

Also, though the Syncrepl Details section does provide what it says,
could anyone offer a high level overview of the synchonization process? 
Something like a trace of operations from an initial modification on one
server through the propagation to consumers (server 1 gets write request
-> updates index -> writes to session log, etc. etc.etc.).

-Nick Geron