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RE: Testing the state of replicates

Well, all you need is a simple search:

$ ldapsearch -xLLLZZ -s base -b "dc=rutgers,dc=edu" contextCSN
dn: dc=rutgers,dc=edu
contextCSN: 20070613170816Z#000000#00#000000

(no, that's not wedged :)

Try the python script that was in the URI I put in my previous email (if not the actual code, at least the theory). It sounds like you might be missing that this is out of band of slapd -- you don't need an overlay/module/backend or anything, just some basic over-the-network LDAP queries and arithmetic operations to figure out if they're desirable values.

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Marantz, Roy wrote:

So it seems easy to do this monitoring via some external agent/program.
Can I do something (short of writing an overlay) to get this information
with a ldap query?  i.e. some query which would give me the difference
between the current contextCSN of the machine I'm talking to and the
master server.  AFAICT, the existing overlays won't let me create this
kind of synthesized value.

Alternatively, I think I'd be happy with a query to tell me if the
server thinks it is having trouble talking to the master.
Thanks for everything.