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Re: What happens to the old data if rebuilt?

>From my understanding of your question, if you rebuild and install LDAP
you risk losing all the information stored in your LDAP directory.  You
should consider backing up your entire directory and then re-import it
again.  I would also backup your slapd.conf and any other configuration
files.  Understanding how to backup and restore and LDAP database is one
of the most fundamental principles in LDAP administration.  

Some commands you may want to look at include: 

slapcat  <--Dumps the entire LDAP directory, see man page
ldapsearch <-- carefully crafted LDAP searches can be used too dump data
into LDIF format

On a side note, I am not 100% certain if you can just "reuse" your old
LDAP databases?  Anyone from the list care to comment because I would
like to know too.

There may be others as well.  The thing I like about OpenLDAP, is it
that it provides a pretty basic, nuts and bolts LDAP implementation.  


Randall Svancara
Systems Administrator

On Wed, 2008-03-05 at 11:52 +0530, Padmavathi Dt wrote:
> Philip, 
>  Thanks for your response.I have a doubt. 
> What happens to the data in current LDAP,if I rebuild it and install
> it again? 
> Should I create all the users again? 
> I dont know much about LDAP(even after reading the admin guide many
> times).So i dont know whether it is a meaningful doubt or not. 
> Kindly clarify my doubt as soon as possible because I am approaching
> my deadline.. 
> Thanx in advance..
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