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Re: add local entries to a master database.

Howard Chu a écrit :
Julien Garnier wrote:
Howard Chu a écrit :
Julien Garnier wrote:
* I've tried to use translucent overlay between ldap_relay and ldap1 but
the problem is tha it's not possible to search local entries with
It is in 2.4.8.

Juste a minute after post my message I download the 2.4.8 and I've read
in the chanlog that local entries search is working.

I trie to make that working but nothings change, it doesn't work.

Nothing changes because you haven't changed your configuration. Read the slapo-translucent(5) manpage.

Thanks for your help, I just add translucent_local ACMO,... in my slapd.cof and it works !


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