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Re: add local entries to a master database.

Julien Garnier wrote:

I want to setup a local ldap server that will add my local entries to
the master server.
The config is this one :
A central server that is replicate on my "ldap_relay" server (I have
access to the configuration of this server) . This one replicate from a
central ldap (I have no access to this one) via classical syncrepl. So I
can read my ldap_relay but I can't add my own attributes. I try several
configurations :

* I've tried to setup multimaster replication between ldap_relay and a
local ldap server (ldap1). In this config I can update users and add my
own attributes but if someone is deleted from de central  ldap, he is
delete from the "ldap_relay" server and not delete in the ldap1 server

* I've tried to use translucent overlay between ldap_relay and ldap1 but
the problem is tha it's not possible to search local entries with

It is in 2.4.8.

* I read the config from Oren Laadan ( http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200802/msg00128.html). This seems to be what I need, but I don't realy understand how to configure that.

If someone can help me to set up this solution with my servers.

Thanks in advance.


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