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Re: OpenLDAP Referrals

Mack J. Jenkins, II wrote:
So in my example, I am using Avential To authenticate against my OPENLdap server. If that account is not on the local OpenLDAP server, but on another OpenLDAP server, referrals will not pass along the request?

Please re-read the former response more carefully:


Ando even mentioned the relevant man-pages.

I will have to look up X.500 DAP services and go that route?


Just want to clarify before I abandon the referral route.

Referrals are a mess in most use-cases anyway.

Use back-ldap to pass the client's requests to the remote server and use "subordinate" directive in slapd.conf to glue it all together with your local database. Take care of separate names spaces (search bases and user IDs).

As usual OpenLDAP's FAQ-O-MATIC is a valuable source of information. These articles could give you an idea:



And please read this stuff and try yourself!

Ciao, Michael.

Michael Ströder
E-Mail: michael@stroeder.com