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Confused about replication, please help


I'm trying to set up replication between my master and a slave.

In slapd.conf on the slave, I have included the updatedn and updateref parameters:

updatedn        "cn=Replicator,o=linfield.edu"
updateref        ldap://oberon.linfield.edu

I presume that the ref refers to the slave so I have entered the URL for the slave which seems odd because you have to be able to access the slave to get the updateref. The other thing is that I find no parameter in the man page for slapd.conf or googling for the password.

On the master, I have:

replica host=oberon.linfield.edu:389

This entry should include "credentials=". If I've no place to specify a password for the updatedn on the slave, what do I put for credentials?

Could somebody please fill in the holes?


-- Rob Tanner UNIX Services Manager Linfield College, McMinnville OR