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Re: ssf=0 for localhost

Nathan Huesken writes:
> I have setup ldap with tls. To disallow users to authenticate without
> security form differenct computers, I added
> security ssf=64
> to slapd.conf. Now I want local users (connections from localhost) to
> allow authenticating without any tls or SASL. I added:
> localSSF 0

Read the localSSF description in the slapd.conf manpage.

localSSF applies to ldapi:// connections, not ldap://localhost/
connections.  And what you just did was assign ldapi:// users
a security strength 0, which disallows them, rather than the default
71, which allows them on your setup (since it is above 64).

Do not use ldapi:// with clients or servers before OpenLDAP 2.3.35,
it had security issues.