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Re: slapd does not answer in time

Hans Moser wrote:

I have a 4 cpu machine with SLES 9 and OpenLDAP 2.3.35.

If you can, you want to upgrade your OpenLDAP version to at least 2.3.39, otherwise if an object class is mis-spelled your LDAP server can be crashed by a double-free bug. This means anyone anywhere in the world who can get a query executed on your LDAP server can cause it to crash. You're wide open.

You also don't tell us what hardware configuration you're running, how much RAM and what type of CPUs you have (is this a quad-core single CPU machine, or a machine with four real single-core processors, etc...), how your OpenLDAP program is compiled and how many threads you're trying to run, and you don't tell us anything about any performance tuning you may have already done.

Did you follow the instructions in section 19.4 at <http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/tuning.html#Caching>?

I'm going through a somewhat similar process as I try to ramp up here on our OpenLDAP systems, and these are all the sorts of things that I've been asked for when I was asking for information on how to debug the problems we've seen. Our issues have been primarily one of stability first, and performance second. But we do care about performance.

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