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Re: slapd does not answer in time


Hans Moser <hans.moser@ofd-sth.niedersachsen.de> writes:

R> Hi!
> I have a 4 cpu machine with SLES 9 and OpenLDAP 2.3.35.
> This is master to about 65 slaves via syncreplication.
> These slave were set up subsequently without any problem. In the last
> time every now and then the master cannot answer searches in
> time. Clients time out - i.e. Postfix doing address verification. This
> may have to do with writes to the master and the replication.
> The worst time was, when I had to reinitialize about 15 to 20 slaves
> and these slave checked the master to get in sync.* Other clients got
> no answer for a long long time. :(
> The iron is idle. Load average is 0.00.
> There were limiting factors like file number etc, which limited
> process numbers, but this was solved in the mean time.
> Which number of connections to the master does a replication slave
> open?

connenctions or threads?
It should be only one connection.
> How can I find out, what is limiting slapd and keep him from
> responding in time? Log files does not give me a hint, but I don't
> really know what to search for.

strace? valgrind?

> * I take a "top level" ldif file to start the server up -
> ou=bla,o=foo, ou=log,ou=bla,o=foo and ou=humans,ou=bla,o=foo -
> and the latest hourly branch dump (these slave only replicate one
> branch from the master server) - ou=humans,ou=bla,o=foo - from the
> master to fill the server. In this case the slave contains all the
> data, but checks ALL entries to be "up to date". Is there a way to
> prevent this? The slave does only have to check for changes that
> happened in the last hour (since the dump).

Did you setup delta replication?


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