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Re: translucent overlay to add local entries if they don't exist remotely?

Andrew Cobaugh wrote:
Question regarding the translucent overlay.

Say I wanted to create some entries locally that don't have
corresponding remote entries. For example, if the base suffix is
dc=foo,dc=bar, and the remote ldap server has, let's call them user
entries at uid=myuser,dc=foo,dc=bar, and I wanted to locally create
ou=group,dc=foo,dc=bar and put my own group entries in that, is this
possible with translucent? Or maybe with a combination of overlays?

Ok, I know I can create local-only entries, but any search requests
for them fail. Is this what ITS#5283 is supposed to accomplish,
without going through the hassle of trying to build HEAD?

No. The translucent overlay is only intended to allow locally defined attributes to be associated with remote entries. If you want to create entire entries locally, you should look into subordinate glue instead.

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