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LDAP Server bug?

Hi every

OpenBSD myserver.mydomain.tld 4.2 GENERIC#375 i386


a week ago, i introduced a new schema, the horde.schema, adding it to the new cn=config subtree using ldapadd...

the corresponding entry in the cn=config subtree lookes like:

dn: cn=include{21},cn=config cn: include{21} objectClass: olcIncludeFile olcInclude: /etc/openldap/schema/horde.schema

sofar, no problem when using attributes and objectclasses from the horde.schema.


today i restarted the ldap-server and after that, the horde.schema was unknown to the ldap server, even if exactly the above entry still exists in the cn=config subtree, and the assigned ldif file is in the /etc/openldap/slap.d/cn=config/ directory.

when i try to add an entry using the objectclass hordePerson (which is defined in the horde.schema), i get:

Return Code from Bind: 21
Message: LDAP_INVALID_SYNTAX: Some part of the request contained an invalid syntax. It could be a search with an invalid filter or a request to modify the schema and the given schema has a bad syntax.
MessageID: 5

which is, what i usually get, when i try to use an unknown objectclass.

i am aware that the take-over from the old slapd.conf configuration to the cn=config subtree is not complete yet. is this an issue not covered in the cn=config subtree story? how can i circumwent this bug? just recreating the above entry each time i restart the ldap server?