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Re: issues with proxycache overlay

Thanks Pierangelo, you gave the needed hint!

Pierangelo Masarati schrieb:
The above error seems to indicate that the proxy is unable to determine
what database can handle the requested search base. But you don't
provide enough information to help tracking your issue. A log of the
request by the proxy at "stats" level would have provided the required

Thats it. The ibmslapd seems to assume a default search base while I had to enter one for openldap in ldap.conf or on the command-line.
Now I'm getting the expected results back!

^^^^ this is incorrect. As the man page clearly states, no "DN" portion
must be provided in the URI (you should have gotten a warning about it,
but who cares about warnings, eh? Next version it'll error out).
Well, yeah. That didn't help directly either, but see above, it works now.
Could someone please fix the html-docs too if the manpages are the reference?
It shows at least the wrong uri-syntax and the wrong name for the overlay.