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Re: large ldap server recommendation

Aaron Richton wrote:

One of the great things about using community software is that we can all help each other out, either directly ("we've analyzed this and found X") or indirectly ("we've noticed Y three times, which never happened before, just FYI for now" for pattern development), by sharing our progress in these matters. If you have anything of this sort to report, I'm sure it'd be welcomed here or in -devel as appropriate.

I don't have full knowledge of the situation yet. I started this job last week, and it's taking time for me to get unprivileged access to the machines in question, and we're still waiting on word for when I'll get privileged access. Until then, I can do things like iostat, vmstat, prstat, netstat, etc... but I don't have direct access to any of the active production data files (I can't even cd to the directory where they're located), and there's limits in terms of what else I can do with the server.

I'll give you folks more information as I get it, and I'll be glad to share as much as I can. It will be incumbent upon you to tell me to shut up and go away, if I'm being too verbose. ;-)

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