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Re: large ldap server recommendation

Howard Chu wrote:

While ITS#5342 is still being investigated, I would recommend that everyone use 2.3.39 and not 2.3.40. Sorry for the trouble.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty important production server, and there are a number of other groups involved.

In any normal upgrade, we have a fairly extensive proposal/discussion/consensus process we have to go through with all the stakeholders before we get into the test/qualification process, which has to happen before we can think about scheduling an outage to take down one of the production servers for an upgrade. As you can imagine, this is a fairly long and involved procedure. And I'm just starting to scratch the surface on this one.

In this particular case, we had jumped from 2.3.35 to 2.3.40 because there was a critical operational problem and we were looking for quick solutions that we could implement in a short period of time, and we bypassed all the normal processes -- which did not end up working for us.

Unless there is another critical problem that occurs with 2.3.35, I doubt we'll be going through all the normal processes to consider an upgrade to a newer version, at least not until after we've had more extensive consultation to ensure we're not doing lots of other stupid stuff elsewhere.

From what I can tell, other than the one operational problem we've identified and know how to work around, 2.3.35 seems to work okay, and I think we're likely to leave it alone until we know we've got something that will be a big improvement.


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