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2.3.39 syncrepl lost connection

I have a strange problem that is causing me to go nuts.

I have five servers all on RHEL v4, all with OpenLDAP 2.3.39 (locally built RPM). The master server is a VMWare guest, one of the replicas is a blade, the other three are 2U boxes.

Twice now two of the four replicas have stopped updating at around 2:45am. It was not the same two both times (although the blade was one of them both times).

All five servers have loglevel set to "stats sync".

There was nothing logged on either end about any network error and my networking folks have looked at all the logs for all the ports involved and found nothing. Although, my first thought was something in the network because we just moved these to a brand new data center.

The fix both times so far has been to recycle slapd on the two replicas and they get caught up in minutes.

The syncrepl config on the replicas is for refreshAndPersist and does a retry every 30 seconds -- so, if the replica knew the connection had dropped, it should have restarted it.

We run a command via nagios (nrpe) on each replica every five minutes that compares the contextcsn of the replica and the master. I see those connections/queries in the logs on the master continuing and nagios eventually yells that we're dreadfully behind on the replicas.

Has anyone seen something like this before -- or have a suggestion of a method of figuring out why/where the connection is getting broken?

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