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Re: Invalid syntax on ldapadd

--On Tuesday, January 29, 2008 5:30 PM -0500 "Chris G. Sellers" <chris.sellers@nitle.org> wrote:

At the prompt, type the commands below. It will put ldapadd in a mode that accepts data via standard in via the terminal, so you just type and press return. At the end, press return twice, and it should try to add your entry, and then you can press CTRL+C if it does not drop you back to a prompt. Adjust to wherever your openldap based ldapadd binary is. Please be sure you followed the quickstart guide on the OpenLDAP website and setup your DC in openldap too.

The error is quite concise. It says that the first value for "objectClass" in the LDIF is not valid. So simply look at the LDIF file and figure out why. Most likely, the schema containing "account" is not loaded for the server.



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