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Re: OpenLDAP system architecture?

--On Thursday, January 24, 2008 5:35 PM -0600 Brad Knowles <b.knowles@its.utexas.edu> wrote:

I'm confused.

So there's no performance benefit to doing bulk writes via syncrepl to
the slaves as opposed to individual writes to the master(s) via ldapadd?
Then why have syncrepl at all and instead just have everything handled
by ldapadd?

Yes, you are. :)

Syncrepl is a replication mechanism to get changes made on the master to the slaves. Howard's point is, that it doesn't matter *how* you replicate to the slaves, every slave will be having the same amount of write load as the master, as all writes that succeed at the master will also be propagated to the slave. There is no "differing" write load on the master vs the slave (except that syncrepl is actually somewhat less efficient than say delta-syncrepl, so it's write load is actually higher than what the master gets in reality, which is why I use delta-syncrepl rather than plain syncrepl).

Now, for *bulk loading* the master on the initial data load, "slapadd" is significantly faster than "ldapadd", but that has nothing to do with replication.



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