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Re: MirrorMode behind fail over loadbalancer

<quote who="Howard Chu">
> Gavin Henry wrote:
>> <quote who="Chris G. Sellers">
>>> I think too, the idea is you treat the second master server as a slave
>>> in practice, meaning you never do updates to it unless the primary
>>> master is down.
>>> Effectively, the difference from a Master/Slave setup is that you will
>>> not have to promote the Slave to a Master and adjust any replication
>>> agreement settings in the event of a failed server.
>>> Is that a fair analysis ?
>> Pretty much and also that the configurations are exactly the same, bar
>> where the Syncrepl points to and ServerID
> In fact, using the ServerID the configurations can be exactly the same,
> period. (Use both syncrepl configurations on both servers. The ServerID
> will
> be used to prevent a server from redundantly connecting to itself.) So you
> don't have to adjust any settings at all for automatic failover and
> recovery.

AH, ok. So a unique ServerID is the only req. I'll update the MM docs in
the Guide.


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