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Re: cloning instances of openldap?

Thomas Ledbetter skrev, on 23-01-2008 15:35:

Is it safe to use a 'clone' of an openldap servers's database to rebuild another server in a cluster?

In my tests, I followed a procedure where I shut 2 servers down, copied the backend database from one to the other, and restarted and everything seems to indicate that the 'cloned' server is valid. Replication works.. Adds/deletes work.. etc..

Is there any danger in using this procedure? Is there anything 'instance specific' that is stored in the directory that could cause an issue?

Ive found that even using slapadd's 'quick' flag it can still take 4 hours to import an LDIF, and if I can rely on this procedure to rebuild an LDAP read server in a crisis, I'd like to continue using it.

You make no mention of your OS/distro for any of the servers, nor the OpenLDAP version, nor to what extent the OS/distro versions and OL versions are concurrent.

You might as well pose the question: "Is there a life after death? And what may I do to gain it?" without stating your hypothesis for there being such.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl