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no timeout and proxy still contacting server

Sorry I haven’t gotten an answer on how to respond to threads while receiving daily digests of this forum, but her it continues.


Wonderful help.  It showed that I wasn't indexing the attribute I was querying.  That is done and now the debug level responds with QUERY ANSWERABLE.  Looks like the proxy is actually working. 


Well, almost.  If the master server is there, it returns with the answer and all looks good.  If the master server isn't there for the proxy, the proxy still responds in debug with QUERY ANSWERABLE, but blocks after that.  This causes ldapsearch to stay blocked as well. 


Why would a proxy still check with the master If the proxy is working?  I want to use this to relieve processing from the master. 


It also gets back to the other part of my problem.  Since it seems to block indefinitely, how can I set a decent timeout for slapd? 


Again, thanks for the help so far.





"Nathan Morrow" <nmorrow@spotswood.org> writes:


> Two questions for the group


> 1.


> I am running slapd as a ldap proxy which is working fine.  I have

> tried idetimeout and idle-timeout to shorten the query if the tcp

> connection isn?t there for the proxy, but the connection still seems

> to hang indefinitely.  Again, it works fine when the master ldap

> server is there.


> overlay pcache


> proxyCache bdb 100000 1 1000 100


> proxyAttrset 0 proxyAddresses


> proxyTemplate (&(objectClass=)(proxyAddresses=)) 0 3600


> The query (that works when the master server is available) below,

> doesn?t work when the same request is made after that and the server

> isn?t there.  But that shouldn?t matter if the cache were used.  Alas,

> no luck.


> ldapsearch -x -D 'CN=MTA,OU=Restricted,DC=fake,DC=com? -b

> 'OU=Staff,DC=fake,DC=com' -l 5 -Z "(&

> (objectClass=person)(proxyAddresses=SMTP:user@fake.com))"

> proxyAddresses


In order to test the proxy caching function run your proxy slapd with -d pcache.





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