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Re: query timeout and proxytemplate

"Nathan Morrow" <nmorrow@spotswood.org> writes:

> Wonderful help.  It showed that I wasn't indexing the attribute I was
> querying.  That is done and now the debug level responds with QUERY
> ANSWERABLE.  Looks like the proxy is actually working.  
> Well, almost.  If the master server is there, it returns with the answer and
> all looks good.  If the master server isn't there for the proxy, the proxy
> still responds in debug with QUERY ANSWERABLE, but blocks after that.  This
> causes ldapsearch to stay blocked as well.  

Does ldapsearch present the results? or is it waiting for results?
I have testest it myself now, if I disable my master, proxycache ist still
answering and presenting search results, unless a request is not
answerable then  ldasearch gets 'result: 52 Server is unavailable', so
I cannot reproduce your problem. You may change the debug mode to
pcache,stats or pcache,stats2 to see what's going on.

> Why would a proxy still check with the master If the proxy is working?  I
> want to use this to relieve processing from the master.
> It also gets back to the other part of my problem.  Since it seems to block
> indefinitely, how can I set a decent timeout for slapd?

ldapsearch -l, or see man slapd-ldap(5) for network-timeout and


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