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query timeout and proxytemplate

Two questions for the group



I am running slapd as a ldap proxy which is working fine.  I have tried idetimeout and idle-timeout to shorten the query if the tcp connection isn’t there for the proxy, but the connection still seems to hang indefinitely.  Again, it works fine when the master ldap server is there.


To test I am actually closing the hole in the firewall to the server on the ldap port.  The firewall doesn’t respond at all to the request.

Then I am running and ldapsearch against localhost (the proxy slapd).  I have tried the ldapsearch command with and without the –l parameter to limit the request there as well with no success.


Any ideas?




I have the proxy overlay running (details below).  From everything I read it looks good to me, but I haven’t found many examples.  I really only want to cache the proxyAddresses attribute and possible the objectClass type, as that is all I will be querying.  The below is meant to do that.  I have removed the objectClass from the template, no better.  I have added objectClass as part of the proxyAttrset, no better.


overlay pcache

proxyCache         bdb 100000 1 1000 100

proxyAttrset  0 proxyAddresses

proxyTemplate (&(objectClass=)(proxyAddresses=)) 0 3600


The query (that works when the master server is available) below, doesn’t work when the same request is made after that and the server isn’t there.  But that shouldn’t matter if the cache were used.  Alas, no luck.


ldapsearch -x -D 'CN=MTA,OU=Restricted,DC=fake,DC=com’ -b 'OU=Staff,DC=fake,DC=com' -l 5 -Z "(&(objectClass=person)(proxyAddresses=SMTP:user@fake.com))" proxyAddresses