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Re: crash in syncprov.c at line 1858

Karsten KÃnne wrote:

recently we ran into some problems with our OpenLDAP setup.

What version?

The reason for the crash is apparently that the search from the consumer went
into the LDAP database and accessed AD and AD did what it usually does and
sent back bogus referrals which triggered the assert :-(.

Now my question is, can we somehow avoid the replication search to travel into
the AD LDAP database and second, isn't the assert at that point kinda bogus?
It essentially tests for the same thing which the "if" statement before
already tested.

The assert is probably bogus now, yes. That section of code was triggered so rarely that I needed to know if it happened at all, and why. (That assert was added November 2004. You're the first person to encounter it in more than 3 years.) Now we know - it happens when getting garbage back from AD...

I also noticed that in our cn=config tree for the BDB database (which is what
we actually use for the configuration) the order of overlays in the provider


Would it make a difference if we change that?

The answer to all questions of this nature is "try it and see."

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