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Re: Get Confuse on N-Way & Mirror Mode Replication

I thought N-Way was true multimaster and not a hot standby method ? MultiMaster Mirror Mode is mirroring of the data, likeRAID 1. The data is written to one and mirrored to the other, no matter which unit in the one or the other. However, you can't have two writes to record X at the same time on both systems .

N-Way handles that I thought? (now that I think about I guess I don't see specifics documented anywhere on how it does that ?))


On Jan 7, 2008, at 11:48 AM, Buchan Milne wrote:

On Monday 07 January 2008 05:10:25 Data Leung wrote:
Dear List ,
I am testing on Openldap-2.4.7 multi-master replication , and I had
been read Openldap Admin page for a while already ( URL :
cation )

Now I get confuse on " N-Ray Multi-Master " & " Mirror Mode Multi- Master "
Hope somebody else could help.

The primary difference between N-Way Multi-Master and Mirror Mode is that
Mirror Mode is limited to two masters. Thus, it seems only N-Way is suitable
for you. However, I would have considered a configuration with 3 masters (to
reduce the network traffic, while still allowing each site to write, and
having read redundancy in the site).


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