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Re: About LDAP Sync

--On January 7, 2008 9:19:42 AM +0200 Dmitrij Mironov <dm@e-net.lt> wrote:

Hello guys,

I need to synchronize non-OpenLDAP LDAP v.2 server (RSA Keon) with

RSA Keon LDAP is master and it must be replicated to OpenLDAP slave
server. Question is - will that work? I mean - is it necessary to have
only OpenLDAP servers for Syncrepl to work, or consumer-side OpenLDAP
server can replicate with non-OpenLDAP LDAP server?

LDAPv2 and LDAPv3 are not strictly compatible. I've never used the RSA Keon server, so I have no idea what replication or logging mechanisms it has available, but I would hope you would have a way to write out the data to an LDIF file, and then use that to feed the OpenLDAP server. I would suggest that if you have any other thoughts on this thread, that you re-direct it to the openldap-technical list, which is more orientated towards interoperability discussions.



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